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we create high-fashion interiors and architecture:

design, planning, industrial and handcrafted production, construction management and implementation of all assembly sections.




  • recent projects


                                                                                                                                                                                                                             stop / play


    _flagshipstore rosenthal, berlin /kurfürstendamm. completed  DETAILS

    _flagshipstore rosenthal, munich. completed  DETAILS

    _rosenthal oslo. completed

    _playhamburg, fotostudios and office. completed  DETAILS

    _flagshipstore tokyobike london. completed  DETAILS

    _carroux caffee hamburg, interior. completed

    _paladial, conceptstore, kiel. completed

    _michael sontag couture, showroom, berlin. completed

    _los angeles coldpress, head-store at quartier 206, berlin. completed

    _no45c. conceptstore, hamburg. completed  LINK

    _appartments s13, balticsea. completed

    _showroom, li und fung germany. completed  DETAILS

    _millerntor stadion, VIP-loge, hamburg. completed

    _dfb headquarter, frankfurt. invited architects competition  DETAILS

    _p89studios, hamburg. completed  DETAILS

    _living f13, balticsea. under construction  DETAILS

    _div. private interiors, germany  DETAILS